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Why the name Healing Spirit?

Healing is a main cornerstone of Spiritualism.  It is one of the anchoring beliefs of Spiritualism.

Here is a story; In 2012 a person was in a devastating car accident.  This person who was physically healthy prior to the car accident was battling severe injuries and had to adjust to life, her new normal as it had become.

Losing the person she was before the accident she had to reinvent herself and was at a devastating loss due to the after-effects of her injuries.  

She decided even though she had great difficulty walking, to go to Lily Dale New York.  This trip was her soul search, her finding of herself and hopefully finding the answers she had been looking for.  The answers to her "why".


To assist in her ability to pursue this inner soul search for answers there were many arrangements that had to be made so she could be self-sufficient for this experience.  She went with an electric scooter to be mobile, a metal-supported back brace, wrist braces, ankle braces, a walker, and extreme medications so she was able to participate and function in this experience.


During this time in Lily Dale, she attended the Spiritual healing services regularly.  She attended the Spiritual healing services twice daily.  She spent time meditating in the healing temple before and after every healing service and then spent more time in meditation near the Chautauqua Lake in Lily Dale.  One day she had a profound experience after one of the Spiritual healing services.  She went to the lakeside as usual and began meditation.  There was a man playing an African Djembe, Drum.  She looked down at the ground before leaning on the tree to sit down.  There was a toad simply sitting there that seemed in some way to be observing her and experiencing the sound of the drum.  The woman sat down on the ground, at the base of the tree.  The toad did not move. 

She began to meditate.

This was the deepest meditation she ever experienced.  Eventually, when she came back to the physical space around her, she noticed the toad was still sitting there and that the man had actually stopped playing the drum and had left.

She spoke with the toad for a short while and then used the tree to get back up.  She got onto her scooter and headed back to where she was staying.  As soon as she arrived she had an emotional meltdown.  She didn't ever remember being in such an emotional state, such emotional upset and while this was taking place she collapsed. 


The next thing she knew she woke up the next day.

The weight that she had been living with on her shoulders and on her chest seemed to be gone.  She felt so light.  For the first time, she felt happy to awake in the morning.  She got up and got herself ready for the new day.

She didn't realize that she got up, and got herself ready without tiring herself. 


She then began to walk down the street without her scooter.  After a number of meters down the road, she realized, "I'm standing!  I'm walking! It's not hurting!"

With great excitement and trying to be careful she went back to where she was staying and got onto her walker.  She was afraid to go a distance and then find she cannot walk any further, then she would be stuck.

At the end of the day, the skin on her shoulder began to be very itchy.  This had been happening a lot off and on during the day but now it was irritating.

She put her hand where the itching was happening, her pain medication patch was gone, gone! 

She had gone all day without her pain medication, experienced no pain, was mobile and was substantially more active than she has been in months.  She was bedridden for four months completely unable to walk, and now this!


She called her physician as the pain medication she was on could not be simply stopped.  She told the physician what had taken place.  He couldn't explain it and was very surprised!  He gave her instructions on what to do until she returned home.  Then her medical surprises would have to be taken care of without reversing all the positive results achieved.  Upon returning home, she went to the doctor and explained her entire experience.  This was when she learned how Spiritual her physician was.  He believed her and thought how amazing it was.

The next step was to go off of all the pain medication physician-supervised of course.  She went to physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic treatments, magnetic chair treatments, laser therapy, and daily meditation.  She continued to become more attuned and one with her spiritual self.  


The progress she made in the next few months was unexplainable and beyond expectation.  While in one of her meditations she asked her guide about what had happened, all she heard was "Healing Spirit".

This happened a few more times until she realized there was more to this answer than just an answer.  She always said she would not take on the responsibility of starting a Spiritual community, but this was what her guide was telling her.


With gratitude bring to light the work of the Healing Spirit.

Share your story, share what we can do, share what everyone can do, and show what being inspired can do.

Her lifestyle, career and personal journey were all motivated in gratitude every day to her Healing Spirit she met in Lily Dale in 2012.

She now with her Healing Spirit Guide provides Spiritual Healing for others.


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